Content services

Content services

ID " Soft Press " has established itself as a reliable source of professional information and author of successful projects in the information space of Ukraine.

We have extensive experience to fill periodicals and electronic publications for the market of Ukraine and CIS (weekly, monthly, from 24 to 128 pages). In addition to printed publications, we repeatedly performed the successful development and production of multimedia products and applications, interactive teaching and presentation discs.

In the history of the publishing house "Soft Press" we have successful implementation of more than 10 corporate publications for leading Ukrainian and international companies. We have the capacity to establish the concept, design and production of corporate publications regularly.

In addition to publications and creating websites, we can help with filling the necessary content of existing projects, providing them with the required amount of news, analysis, surveys, tests, video materials and podcasts.

In addition to working on the creation of content, we can also:
• Make direct delivery of information and publications on our own, verified databases;
• Organize participation in major Ukrainian and international exhibitions, conferences and forums, conducting its own activities;
• Make questioning and holding events for the target groups;
• Organize forums, conferences and round tables;
• Conduct research in trading networks throughout Ukraine;
• Apply powerful tools to promote content involving print and electronic versions of our own publications, their websites, direct marketing campaigns targeted at different target groups or activities. In addition, we can support the editorial and marketing materials in social networks.

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