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hi-Tech TV

Publishing house "Soft Press" offers you the services of multimedia promotion of your products, services and events. We provide video shooting, making videos, placing them in electronic publications and Web sites as well as providing video broadcasting. We can create a series of videos that clearly illustrate key features, advantages and important experience of the usage of the your products and services.

To achieve the objectives we propose several scenarios of the video materials, which can be implemented either separately or in combination, to achieve the greatest effect on the target audience awareness of your products and solutions:

• Preparation of video-reviews of the major product lines and solutions. Focuses on the characteristics, key features, customer benefits, usage patterns and recommendations for buyers.
• Preparation of video-reviews - guides how to use products and solutions to customers. A series of videos to help potential buyers to determine the range of problems, their needs in a particular type of device or solution as well as the characteristics that need to pay attention to when buying . Emphasis on key fashion and technological features, benefits and consumer values ??present in the customer's products .
• Production of video instruction (manual in video format) for certain products or product categories.
• Production of video master classes devoted to the use of both individual products or solutions, and training your staff or partners.
• Training videos for internal needs of the client company can combine themes presented above, but with an emphasis on training of your salesmen or partners to effectively sell products, services and solutions to customers in retail.

The cost of producing and placing videos, USD:


1 video

2-3 videos

4-6 videos

6-10 videos

10-15 videos

More than 15 videos

2 min







3 min







Organizing of the online broadcasting: 2 hours: $ 1,100; 6 hours: $ 2100.

All videos are hosted on the hi-Tech TV channel (www.youtube.com / hiTechUA) and announced on the website www.hi-tech.ua (ht.ua), hi-tech.ua social networks (https://twitter. com/hi_tech, https://www.facebook.com/htweb, http://vk.com/hitechua, etc.). All together it has more than 5,000 subscribers, monthly coverage including site ht.ua is 70 thousand people.

We can additionally promote all videos on terms that are negotiated separately for each campaign:

• Promotion of videos on the site and in the magazine through special publications;
• Promoting videos with banner advertising;
• Actively promote the videos in social networks (advertising in social networks );
• Promotion video with print advertising;
• Placing clips on hi-Tech DVD and promoting them in the disk interface.

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