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hi-Tech Pro magazine targets a wide audience of advanced users of digital technologies. These are people with aspiration to feel themselves at the cutting edge of modern digital technologies, to understand the industry and market trends and to make information and communication technologies the part of their personal lifestyle.

Rapid growth of digital industries beyond the limits of ordinary computers and communications, constantly growing variety of digital solutions for everyday life and entertainment makes modern people more interested not in the technologies themselves but rather in their practical use and the way they change people's everyday life.

With the desire to meet these changes and serve the audience by delivering the top quality content in multimedia format and the variety of personalized services, hi-Tech Pro magazine was launched in 2006 to become the next step in development of hi-Tech publications line.

The editorial team with more than eleven years of experience in information and communication technologies and international journalism offers not only traditional topics on computers, peripherals, software, Internet and mobility. The content also features the digital technologies in audio and video devices, cars and entertainment, issues on techno-fashion and techno-design, outstanding personalities forming today's look of digital progress.

With every issue of magazine the reader gets the most interesting software and hardware novelties, detailed tests of various devices done by hi-Tech test laboratory - the biggest one among publishing houses in Ukraine, a quantity of practical advices and recommendations together with wide selection of programs and information materials on DVD which help to implement the most ambitious ideas by means of high technologies.

Aimed at the future, the hi-Tech PRO magazine allows the reader to explore all the benefits of digital lifestyle. He can go beyond a printed magazine and receive all information in the way most comfortable for him - on his mobile phone, computer or PDA, via e-mail or Internet.

Kyiv district - 30 %
Subscription - 35 % of the circulation

Format: 230x300
Number of pages: 132 +
Circulation: 23 000 copies +DVD; 12 000 copies + CD .
Frequency: monthly

Advertising rates:
Page Size Prices*
Width, mm Height, mm
4-th cover 230 300 $7800
3-rd cover 230 300 $6000
2-rd cover 230 300 $6500
2 pages 460 300 $9700
3-rd page 230 300 $6500
4-th page 230 300 $6500
1/1 (p. 5-15) 230 300 $5200
1/1 (p. 16-130) 230 300 $4700
2/3 vertical 125 251 $3400
horisontal 190 165
1/2 vertical 92 251 $2700
horisontal 190 123
1/3 vertical 60 251 $1900
horisontal 190 80
1/4 vertical 92 123 $1500
horisontal 190 60
1/8 vertical 92 60 $1000
horisontal 190 30
*including all taxes

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