hi-Tech at School

Hi-Tech at School is not only to help its reader to master the information technology and its application in educational processes in the fasted way but also provides the examples of lections held by experienced teachers.

The magazine is divided in rubrics; each is interesting and special, while altogether they form easy in use and mastering encyclopedia of computer knowledge and informational technologies.

Also Hi-tech at School launches a library of methodical materials and the best examples of lessons conducting. The heed would be paid not only to informatics, but all school subjects: language, literature, math, history, geography, etc.

Internet support of edition aims to build a system of educationalist’s communication so that no idea or piece of experience find its user,
adherent, colleague and partner.

Main topics:

  • News and interesting facts on the crossline of digital technologies and school’s education in Ukraine;
  • Methodological recommendations on teaching with use of high technologies (see the note above);
  • Operational systems;
  • Computer graphics;
  • Programming;
  • Office applications and DBMS;
  • Web-design and web-programming;
  • Internet and social media;
  • Mobile technologies;
  • Research software;
  • Information about extension courses, contests, tournaments, etc.;
  • Teaching experience — share with colleagues;
  • Competitions, activity around the project, humor.


Format: A4+ DVD
Volume: 32+ pages
Number of copies: 10 000 copies
Frequency: 8 times per year
Language: Ukrainian

  • Middle schools and colleges
  • Regional education departments, methodical cabinets
  • Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science
  • ICT companies
  • Libraries
  • Pedagogic faculties of highest educational institutions


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4th cover 4200
3rd cover 3200
2nd cover 3700
Double-page 5100
1/1 page 2600
1/2 page 1400
1/4 page 800

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