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Published since 1998, My Computer weekly has gathered an audience of 300 thousand people. Today it is the most popular IT
publication in Ukraine (according to MMI-TNS data).

My Computer targets people who want to get the most out of their PC as well as devices connected to it like Pocket PCs, phones, cameras, multimedia devices, gadgets, etc., both at home and in the office. They are willing to spend their time and efforts on experimenting with hardware and software to get the best usage results. The readers of My Computer define the public attitude towards digital products and technologies; they are not only testing all the brand new gizmos by themselves, they also are keen in sharing and discussing their experiences on pages of My Computer, online and in personal communications. As a result, they influence and often form the opinion (sometimes even stereotypes) of wide range of today's digital technology users.  

Efficiency in delivery of information and wide topical coverage combined with affordable price allow the publication to become for a reader a constant companion, a habit, a part of lifestyle which results in high reader's loyalty. My computer has gathered a vibrant community of readers featuring an active attitude towards their life in general and specifically the computer component of it.

The weekly itself became for its community a communication ground for sharing opinions of hardware and software practical use
results; the editorial staff plays the role of moderator of the community who sets both the topic and tone of discussion on pages of
My Computer, online forums, etc. Extremely wide range of freelance authors (partially formed from the most active community members) creates a very high confidence of the audience to magazine's publications. 


  • Kiev – 48 %,
  • Other regions – 52 %.

Format: А4  
Number of pages: 52+
Circulation: 20 500 copies 
Frequency: weekly

Advertising rates: 
Page Prices*
4-th cover $4500
3-rd cover $3500
2-rd cover $4000
2 pages $4000
1/1  $3000
1/2 $1650
1/3  $1100
*including all taxes

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