Sci-Fi Reality

Sci-Fi Reality (SFR) is the only Ukrainian commercial literature magazine project. In publishing since August, 2003, nowadays its audience counts more than 75000 readers. Contents of this unparalleled in Ukraine title reflects contemporary state of one of the most popular directions in literature and cinema - science-fiction and fantasy. Many of the leading authors from CIS countries and of the famous world authors collaborate with Science-Fiction Reality. SFR had first printed publications (even before original language) of such stars as Robert Shekley and Rudy Ruker, first translations of works of Harry Harrison, Neil Gaiman, Stanisaw Lem and many other popular foreign authors.

Nearly each international sci-fi convention gave a prestige literature award to one of works published in Science-Fiction Reality, either in critics and publicistics division or in literature one. In 2004 during European sci-fi conference in Plowdiv the magazine Science-Fiction Reality has been commended as best sci-fi magazine of Europe. Back then, mainly as regard to magazine's authority, Kyiv achieved the right to conduct "EuroCon"-2006. Event has been successfully held on basis of annual International science-fiction assembly "Portal" (first held in April, 2004 with direct participation of SFR magazine). "Portal" gathers writers, publishers, journalists, artists and sci-fi fans from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Baltic countries, Europe, USA and Israel.

Format: А5
Number of pages: 228 pages
Circulation: 5400 copies
Frequency:  monthly

  • Subscription – 25 %
  • By regions
    • Kiev district – 52 %,
    • Other regions of Ukraine – 48 %



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