S.M.A.R.T. (Systems & Management & Automation & Regulation & Technology) magazine is the first Ukrainian issue about the market systems of automation and dispatcher control of commercial and private realty. Magazine discovers how to make human living environment comfortable and safe wherever it is needed, be it apartment or office, and also help the functioning of miscellaneous engineering systems of buildings to provide effective company's business processes with most optimal costs.

Among topics, offered to readers' attention: automatics, heating, ventilation and conditioning, electrical supplement, fire and security signal systems, systems of access control, infrastructural networks equipment and HMI, and many others. New technologies, solutions and developments, successful projects and companies' experience, trends of worldwide and national markets of intellectual buildings' construction are described.

Magazine's mission is to ensure subjects of market have the most important and significant information, which contributes to the development of market of intellectual buildings and smart homes in Ukraine; promotion of technologies and solutions for the automation of buildings; informing the consumers about advantages of implementation of systems of building  automation.

Reading audience:

  • representatives of building, investment and developer companies;
  • representatives of transportation branch: airports, railway and sea terminals, other infrastructure objects;
  • specialists in ventilation and conditioning;
  • specialists in fire and security signal systems;
  • equipment manufacturers;
  • system integrators;
  • installers of engineering systems  and machinery;
  • general contract organizations;
  • project bureaus;
  • leading architect of Ukraine;
  • maintenance organizations;
  • governmental representatives;
  • directors of big enterprises, business-centers, commercial objects, sports installations, banking and insurance companies.


  • Subscription;
  • Direct mail delivery;
  • Distribution while topical fairs, seminars, presentations.

Format: А4
Number of pages: 52 + CD
Circulation: 5000 copies
Frequency: 6 times per year

Advertising rates:
Page Price
4-th cover $2500
3-rd cover $1900
2-nd cover $2200
2/1 $3000
1/1  $1500
1/2 $800
1/3 $650
1/4 $480
* including all taxes

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